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Yamaha Montage 8
Moog One
Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73
Wurlitzer EP200 with speaker
Vintage Vibe 64 Deluxe Electric piano
Vintage Vibe Vibanet
Oberheim OBXa
Roland Jupiter 8
Minimoog Model D
Moog Voyager
UDO Super 6
Sequential Circuits Pro One
Sequential Circuits Prophet 6
Alesis Andromeda
Dave Smith OB 6 desktop
Roland V Synth
Yamaha U1 Piano
DSI Tempest drum machine
Sequential Prophet 10
Elektron Octatrack


Bock 251
Peluso 2247 LE
Nemann U87
Sure SM 58 beta


Pro Tools HDX on mac
Apogee Rosetta 800
SSL Xlogic rack with G Series bus compressor
GML 8304 preamp
Thermionic culture Earlybird 2.2 preamp
Focusrite ISA 215 blue vintage preamp
Urei 1176 silverface
Thermionic Culture Pheonix compressor
Roland SE 201 space echo
Roland CE 1 Chorus
Empirical labs Distressor


Fender Squire Telecaster
Yamaha Acoustic
Yamaha  BB424X bass
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