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Valparaiso and bits and bobs

It was great to see a different city in Chile, we have been a few times but always to Santiago.

Here are some snaps of the city, a fascinating place where graffiti is encouraged by the council!

Consequently they have some amazing artworks on the walls, some of them quite political.

The people on the streets are super chilled, there are wild dogs everywhere which the people tolerate very nicely. The dogs and the people don't trouble each other.

The show was quite nerve wracking as we had an estimated audience of 200 million on TV plus 14,000 live! As we hadn't played or rehearsed for a while it was a little tense but still went well. A solid performance and the crowd was with us all the way. Here's me looking confused in soundcheck!

On the way home we took full advantage of the Pisco Sours to smooth out that long flight, cheers!

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